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Magic Moon

Hey everyone, I'm Nikhil Nair, an innate enthusiast of design & creation, a passionate artist who loves to mix and blend his skills, talent and ideas to find the right shade of solution.

I grew up in a house full of engineers with expectations to be one someday. As a keen learner of conceptual science and the physics behind working objects, I entered the field of engineering with zeal to learn more. I struggled for six years, pulling through with pain and effort, only to realise that engineering was not my appropriate field of work. In those years, I found my love for art, colours and creativity, learning and experimenting with colours and canvases. Making canvas paintings with amazing colour combinations- I figured I wanted to combine my capabilities as an engineer and an artist and enter the field of UI & UX, discovering the right field for me.

To engineer literally means ‘to make things happen’. On visualising a Venn diagram, to me engineering and art are two circles and the area overlapped is the UX/UI field. On blending engineering skills such as problem solving, analysing, testing and planning with artistic skills such as visualising, designing, illustrating, ergonomically developing solutions and communicating forms the base of UX/UI.

As a passionate artist with an engineering background and ceaseless interest in travelling and exploring new terrains, cultures and people, my ability to understand, empathise & identify problems is professed, which helps me empower and provide innovative services for you as a user.

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Where all I use magic?

UI Design & Prototyping
UX Design
Mobile App Design
Drawing & Illustrations


  • UI elements, Symbols, Iconography, Patterns and Hierarchy.

  • Design Principles and Heuristics

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Mobile App Design

  • Designing a Mobile App in adherence to native app guidelines.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Interaction design and Animations

  • UX Fundamentals and User Psychology

  • User Research and User Testing

  • Interpreting Business Requirements

  • Building Cohesive Brand

  • HTML, CSS and JS (Skills used to develop this website)